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It is one of the best home remedies for adding shine to your tresses.

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Today my friend Jody from A Sip of Southern Sunshine is sharing a simple hot oil treatment DIY.The oil can also penetrate deep into the hair follicles to prevent damage from chemicals in shampoos and conditioners.The usage of our herbal oil promotes hair growth and make the hair soft, prevents hair loss, shiny and lustrous, being non greasy, nontoxic and mildly scented in nature ingredients.

Nutritive essential oils are absorbed by your hair to solve many hair problems.Because oil is slower to travel from the scalp to the ends of curly hair strands, speed along the process by applying a hair oil from your roots to ends.

I started with warming just plain old extra virgin olive oil and applying it to my hair and scalp for about an hour or so.If you use it, you should dilute it with a thinner oil, like grapeseed oil.This is achieved by stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles which results in an increase of nutrients in your hair scalp.

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Castor oil: Castor oil is thought to stimulate hair growth and decrease hair loss, treat dry scalps, prevent split ends, and increase shine.It is darker in color due to the ash content in the oil owing to the roasting of the beans.

But before you sleep, cover your head and hair with a towel to avoid messing up your pillow and bed.

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Products that have more silicone, like Moroccanoil, should be applied to wet.Keep color-treated hair in tip-top shape with a spritz of this dry mist—a kick-ass combo of smoothing kendi oil and strengthening bamboo— that banishes frizzy ends and locks in color.Atkin made the product multipurpose as well, encouraging users to try it out as a reparative overnight mask, too.The product looks similar to a popsicle and requires a few steps to follow before using it.

It helps to restore shine to dry, dull hair and treat damaged hair.

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I decided to start making my own hot oil treatments, and it seems as if the gates to some wonderfully happy place just opened up.

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A: When compared to other hair treatments, a hot oil treatment is very safe, and has myriad benefits.

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Hot oil massage is thought to help by reducing tension and swelling in the muscles and help to tone and condition them, to improve the condition of the hair and the skin to prevent premature aging and also for therapeutic uses such as to improve sleep, for controlling arthritis, muscle atrophy for itchy skin and so on.

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Whether you like to bring the heat, bust out the bleach, get funky with colours or are all about relaxers, give your hair a day off with this hot oil treatment.Here i want to show that the Hot Oil is how much Benificial for hair.

Damaged Dry Hair Hot Oil Treatment by PrePoo For Hair rates as one of the best sellers on Amazon.Find everything from root touch up and permanent hair dye, to flat irons, hair dryers, and shampoo and conditioner for every hair type. Shop now.Heat water in a pot. 2. Pour heated water into a heat-safe cup. 3. Place sachet into the warm water for 60 seconds or until oil is melted and warm.

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Tangled Hot Oil Hair Treatment is one of three new solid hair care products that have been designed by Lush to pamper and moisturise the hair in a very intense way.A hot oil treatment, moisturizes and conditions the hair to make it healthy.This homemade hot oil hair treatment will fix damaged, fry hair after just one application.