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Montreal is the largest billingul French and English speaking city in the world.Tango is a dance with a rich history, and one that can truly impress those who see dancers who are skilled.

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Instruction is provided in the form of group classes, workshops, semi-private and private lessons.There is probably no other dance that has the romantic and sensual expression of the Argentine Tango.It is currently experiencing an explosion in popularity nowadays.Move as you wish with respect to yourself and others to all kinds of music with a room full of beautiful people. Invite.While group classes are necessary to work on the social aspects of this beautiful dance, during private lessons we focus on the specific details of your dance which are important in achieving your goal of being a great dancer, a true milonguera or milonguero.Tango festivals during the summer and closed lieus for the winter.

We have developed our curriculum for almost two decades and have a reputation for technical excellence.Argentine Tango will open the door to a whole new social community, you will have fun while also improving your posture, health, balance and fitness.Tina Marie specializes in teaching authentic Argentine Tango in a friendly and inviting social environment, inclusive of. the authenticity of tango.Come join Paradise Tango at our new studio space at Ala Moana for an hour and a half of traditional and modern tango music.

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Tango Late-Beginner-Intermediate Class 7:30-8:30 p.m. in the Main Hall with.

Argentine Tango is a great dance with lots of flair and passion.

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Rochester Tango is a community of Argentine Tango dancers that host lessons, dances and special events regularly.As a dancer, she has an expressiveness that is grounded in the music and in an interactive, playful approach to the connection with her partner.

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Tuesday nights Lessons: Tango Introductory Class 7:00-7:30 p.m. - led by Patrusha Sarakula.

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A professional ballroom dance studio in Toronto owned and operated by Egor Belashov, a Canadian National Professional Ballroom Champion, Dance With Me Toronto currently offers dance lessons covering 15 different genres which include (though not limited to) Salsa, Argentine Tango, and other styles of Latin and ballroom dancing.Through Xtango classes you will learn the fun, elegance, grace, improvisation skills, as well as the secret tango etiquette.

We offer regular dance classes, lessons and Milongas, along with workshops and events, many with visiting Tango Masters from Buenos Aires.Argentine tango is a musical genre and accompanying social dance originating at the end of the 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and Montevideo.In the beginner class, we teach general technique for walking, pivots and turns, the building blocks of Argentine Tango.We teach technique in the context of simple sequences that are common in social dancing, including the basic step, ocho cortado, parada, ochos and a turn.

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Alicia Cruzado has spent her life as a professional in the field of dance.As I progress with my tango classes, I am collecting videos to inspire me.

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Although in Argentine tango there are no pre-defined figures or steps, leading the cross - often in the 8 step sequence - is one of the first things taught in all dance schools.The most vibrant Argentine Tango school in London with Tango classes, workshops, Practica, Performances.

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Work one to one in a personalized lesson with an expert Argentine Tango master.

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